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Can I really have it all?

May 11, 2022

After finishing Uni, I got a taste of the events industry and knew that was it for me. I spent the better part of 10 years working across agency and industry with stints in London and Amsterdam. I absolutely LOVED what I did, but I left my role at the the beginning of 2019 to have my first baby.

I found the transition to Motherhood really difficult as I struggled with the huge shift in my identity. I was so looking forward to getting back to what I do best and to find a sense of ‘me’ again. I started interviewing for new roles at the beginning of 2020 and then started receiving messages saying “This role has been put on hold indefinitely”

Fast forward 2 years and another baby later, here I was, presented with an opportunity to join the team as Sales Manager of The Timber Yard.

There is so much judgement you’re subjected to as a Mother, especially one who works full-time and sends their children to childcare. Regardless of what others might say, I was confident that I needed to do this for ME.

Returning to work after having 2 children in the middle of a pandemic had me questioning my ability – could I even remember how to do anything anymore? I was filled with anxiety and self-doubt. How would I juggle all the responsibilities of home and work life? Would I worry about being away from the kids? What if nobody likes me? What if I’m not any good? I can now look back on those moments with a smile as it turns out I had absolutely nothing to worry about.

I feel so valued as a professional first and the fact that I am a Mother is a part of my story, not a reason to be treated any differently. Work-life balance is a huge value of the team from the top-down so I feel absolutely no pressure when the juggle of life gets in the way of the 9-5.

I have regained my confidence and then some. That person was in there all this time, I just had to be reminded of who she was and what that felt like.

I feel lucky to work in a Rockstar organisation that is at the forefront of what they do. This sense of satisfaction makes me a much better Mother too, so YES, I really feel like I can have it all!

Hannah Chard

Sales Manager