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Frequently Asked Questions

February 16, 2022

You can download a copy of our FAQ here.

Where is The Timber Yard? What should I put on invitations?

351 Plummer Street, Port Melbourne, 3207


Can deliveries be sent prior to the event?

For any queries regarding deliveries or collections pre & post event, please speak to your sales manager for approval.


To organise a delivery please quote the following information:

Attn. Operations Team

Event Name:

Contact Number:

Address: 351 Plummer Street Port Melbourne 3207


What is the best loading dock address to give to suppliers?

351 Plummer St, Port Melbourne, 3207, Gate 2


What are the measurements of your largest door and smallest door used during bump in/out?

Our loading gate is approx. 7m wide


Our loading door into the warehouse is approx. 6m x 6m


Are there trolleys available for use during bump in?

No. If you require a trolley for bump in/out you must provide your own.


Where is the closest parking for suppliers and clients?

We can accommodate 10 x supplier / client cars onsite.


All other guests can park on Plummer and or Smith St directly opposite the venue.


Is there a venue manager available for Bump in/out? What are the costs associated with this?

There will always be a venue manager to assist throughout your event. This is included in our costs.


Do you have Wi-Fi available for the event?

We have Wi-Fi available throughout the entire venue!


Please request this information from your event organiser


Does The Timber Yard have a noise curfew?

We work with our clients to ensure that there are respectful levels in our Yard. The Warehouse does not have any restrictions.


Is there air-conditioning or heating available at the site?

Yes. Being a Melbourne venue, both are available and are included in the hire fee.


Do you have a preferred supplier for AV/Lighting? Do we have to use your recommended company or are you happy for us to bring in our own?

Our inhouse AV company is NorWest Group.


In the rare instance that we have items that need to be left overnight and picked up the next day would this be a possibility?

Yes, however, any overnight storage will need to be requested with your sales manager prior to bump in.


Are there any restrictions with décor?

The Timber Yard comes from a place of yes! Our only request is that, to stay true to our heritage, no marks or permanent fixtures are applied to any surface.


Is there an ability to hang decorations from the ceilings?



What is the approx. height is the venue ceilings?

Our ceilings range from 3m – 7m pending space.


Will the venue be cleaned prior to the event?

Yes. This is included in your hire fee.


Do you have bins available on site for us to use? If so, how many? What are the sizes?

Yes. We have multiple bins for use including a cardboard skip and 3 general waste skips. We will be required to charge fees for the skips to be cleared if they are filled from your event.


Does security need to be hired from bump in till the end of bump out?

Yes, Their role is to manage the gate and protect the venue’s assets when multiple people are onsite.


Does the venue have 3-phase circuits?

Yes and a Generator.


Are the house lights in the venue dimmable? And can you turn some sections of lights on and some off?



Are there any usage charges for power or lighting?

$850 per day for the generator ex GST.


Are there any kitchen facilities onsite for us to use?