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Epic Entertainment for an Epic Event

August 2, 2023

A note from Laura, the Entertainment Director at Solution Entertainment.

Solution Entertainment strive to create unique and memorable entertainment moments and the Timberyard Industry Party was an epic opportunity for us to showcase just that.

In the pre-function ‘UPSIDE’ you were treated to the unique musical styling of Ella as she looped electric cello, percussion, trumpet and piano on a gorgeous Yamaha baby grand piano. Surrounded by mysteriously quirky roving performers in head to toe snake skin and tiger print or mobsters in structured rabbit masks.

In the ‘DOWN’ you enjoyed Juz & Jess perform a street style busker set combining their virtuoso violin talents with electronic beats in a synth meets symphony performance. Larger than life flower people danced in the festoon lit laneway leading down to the boombox DJ booth where DJ Sarah spun a throwback set of RnB favourites.

We then headed into the Warehouse where Ganga, (descendant of the Palawa people of Tasmania) thrilled guests with his elevated performance, combining a drum and bass style soundscape with the deep resonating sounds of the Yidaki/ Didgeridoo. Prior to Wurundjeri Elder Ian Hunter gracing the stage for his reverent Welcome to Country.

For the Kabuki reveal, drummer Jed displayed an absolute rockstar performance to the Presets, ‘My People’ whilst a mirror image contrast occurred either side of the drape. On the UPSIDE we featured fire and aerial pole with performers laden in leather and earthy tones where as the DOWN we displayed a contrastingly galactic vibe with our Cyr Wheel performer, LED Poi and futuristic fembots.

The party then kicked up a notch with DJ Sunshine and her spectacular disco faith choir stealing the show with their soaring vocal performances & outrageously fabulous robes. But the night wasn’t quite over yet, those who hung around until the end danced the evening away to drag entertainer extraordinaire Jimi the Kween on the decks.

To enquire about any of these extraordinary acts, or any of your entertainment needs please get in touch with me at

Thank you to Scott and the team at TTY for having us apart of an epic event.