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Leveraging Hospitality Experience for Success in Sales and Events

July 10, 2023

Shifting from a career in bartending and hospitality to an event focused sales role at a unique venue was an exciting and rewarding transition. My time in hospitality gave me the opportunity to work across some of the biggest and best venues across Melbourne, hosting some of the largest local and international artists.I have always had a huge passion for the music industry so naturally working in events with some of the key players in live music and large corporate events, seemed like a natural progression for me.

The skills and insights gained from working in the hospitality industry aided and assisted me in my current role in sales. Hospitality Management built the ability to anticipate and cater to client needs and be able to problem solve and diffuse difficult situations. These skills are invaluable when transitioning into a sales role, as they can be applied in understanding the customer expectations to deliver tailored solutions. Having experienced firsthand the importance of personalized service, I can empathize with clients and offer customized proposals that meet their specific requirements.

Having experience in day-to-day operations of venues acquired through bartending, provided a unique advantage in sales. Understanding the intricacies of event logistics allowed me to provide accurate and detailed information to clients, setting realistic expectations and ensuring a smooth execution of their events. What I love about the Timber Yard is the variety of events that come through our doors. It is great getting to see the venue transform daily into new concepts and be able to be a part of the clients creative vision.

I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge in event planning and seeing more incredible events come through the door.

Charley O’Neil
Sales Coordinator