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Running/opening a Unique Melbourne Venue – Gideon Luber

March 24, 2023

The Timber Yard has in the last 12 months, expanded the team from 6 to 13 full timers – Changing my world from a time of 24/7 stress and very limited resources to lean on, to a team whom I could not be more proud of, that in turn has taken our business to a place that I look at in awe.

Coming together with my three business partners and fellow directors, we all had our strengths and areas we fell into when it came to opening the venue. My background of sales led me to weeks on Linkedin sharing with the industry that we were here and looking at what was missing in Melbourne. Any feedback, any event welcome – we just wanted to see what this space could do and welcomed some of the best creatives in the industry throughout our first year. Using every platform available we slowly built a network of suppliers and resources to really elevate our experience and continue to get world class clients through the door.

Watching the business evolve has meant watching my own role change a lot – 12 months ago we (4 x Directors) were everything – from marketing, to sales, executing events on the ground, to pouring beers and cleaning toilets.
Now with the support of the team, I have the opportunity to focus on the overall strategy, checking in with department heads and keeping a keen focus on valuable client relationships. What’s even more exciting, is I get time to also focus on other things outside of the venue, new projects and external events.

It’s taken 5 years to enjoy the benefits of being a business owner.

Having an incredible team we can be so proud of and fostering a great working environment is the most rewarding part of the business for me. Moving forward, we are excited to look at other opportunities and diversify our portfolio. The last few years have definitely taught us to not have all of our eggs in one basket. Whatever we do in the future, this is a great home base, catching up with each other and checking in with the team. This is our home, our office, everything starts from here.

Gideon Luber
Director – The Timber Yard