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The importance of client relationships and coming from a place of YES, in business

July 29, 2022

Relationships in business, and in life, are one of the most important keys to success.


My old man was a car dealer for over 20 years and drummed into me his daily mantra to his sales team “If you sell someone a car but didn’t manage to build a relationship with that client, then this wasn’t a good outcome…”

At The Timber Yard, our key point of difference is that our first position is to come from a place of ‘yes’ in all aspects of an event. Whether that be during the pre-production, design, bump in, event and bump out phases. Wherever we can help, our team is there to assist. In turn, this creates and fosters positive connections and relationships with our clients, suppliers, agencies and guests. This is why so many of our client’s love working at our venue and continue to come back.


We now regularly receive follow up emails to say thank you and praising our team on the ground for going above and beyond, with nothing being too much trouble. The point about our team exceeding the industry standard from a venue perspective, makes me so proud to hear.

One of our main goals as an organization is for The Timber Yard brand to be synonymous with world class events, incredible service and for being an easy team to work with. We also place an emphasis on client relationships and the importance of repeat business.


I hate to say it, but Dad was right. Not only does it matter having a nice shiny car, but it’s the relationship that brings them back for the next one!


Josh Paneth