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Wedding Obsessed – The Dream Role

August 22, 2022

Growing up my mother was a seamstress meaning from day 1, I was surrounded by wedding gowns, brides and at least 20 wedding magazines on any given day. I’ve always said that’s where my passion (secret not so secret obsession) started, and since then it has simply grown and fortunately, turned into my career path. 

I have cried at almost every wedding so far, thinking about how fortunate I am to be experiencing such a special day with the couple. When I started working on my first weddings, I expected that I would just be serving their dinner, that might or might not be eaten OR pouring the drinks they might regret the next day, however I got to see their happiness which was such an amazing reward for the hard work and heavy plates and has helped propel my career.

Watching couples see the room for the first time without guests, have their first seat at the table or dancing with those closest to them. That’s what makes this the most incredible job and industry to work in. The traditions that come from each family, culture or religion with the special touches to remember those no longer with us, that’s what makes me well up almost every time. 

I was frequently warned about ‘Bridezillas’ and how they would make my job awful. From my experience, they do not exist, it is just brides and or grooms that are like me and have had this day planned and pictured since being a child and want it to be everything they’d ever hoped for.  I love when you know what you want.

Jump forward to today and I have been given the opportunity to work at The Timber Yard  in the Sales team. This has been so exciting as the venue is so unique and captures Melbourne’s charm so well. The first time I walked in, I could picture my own wedding here and knew immediately that it was somewhere I wanted to work.

 A big part of working here is coming from a place of yes which has been so exciting and I can’t wait for more couples to come in with their ‘crazy’ ideas and get to tell them to go for it (as long as it’s safe and legal of course). I could not ask for a better or more supportive team and being given the opportunity to grow and learn everyday is incredible. I have even been stepping outside of weddings into private events, conferences, even expos and live music. (That’s right we really do it all here at The Timber Yard). 

I always feel incredibly honored to be a calming, problem solving, dress fixing, hype girl presence for the couples I am able to work with and look forward to every future couple I get to meet and help on the way, in any capacity. After all, it is my dream come true. 

Georgia Thornton

Wedding obsessed, Venue and Sales Coordinator