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Who we play With – Dream Big Events by Jen

August 12, 2022

Weddings are something we love to host and make up a large part of our business, and Jen has seen many come to life here at The Timber Yard including her own! We were fortunate enough to sit down and gain some insight into Jen’s experience with creating unforgettable weddings here at The Timber Yard.

What is it you love about working at The Timber Yard?

I really enjoy the flexibility when working here. Almost every request I have ever asked for, has always been done with such grace and care and an attitude that says, ‘it’s not even a request’. I love how I can transform the space in so many ways, time and time again. My favourite part about the venue is that it is a one stop shop

  1. You can have your ceremony
  2. Move into cocktail hour 
  3. Followed by an incredible reception inside the warehouse

 And all of this is in the same location! 

What’s the coolest event you’ve done at The Timber Yard?

To be honest, I have only done Weddings here. But I love it!! Every single one has been incredible. Including my very own wedding which was put together in two weeks by myself and Josh Paneth (One of our Directors) and it was spectacular. That has got to take the cake with the coolest event yet.

What’s the most rewarding thing you’ve achieved at The Timber Yard?

I think for me having only done weddings here, the most rewarding thing is how stress free it can be when the weather is not looking great. To see the couple just so happy with the outcome of having the ceremony undercover but still outdoors just makes me smile. It makes my job and their wedding experience so enjoyable.

If you could host an event at The Timber Yard, what would it be?

I would absolutely love to host a MASSIVE WEDDING (because I love weddings so much) where I have 0/NO budget restraints. I would go all out!

 The ceiling would be a floral canopy, a low-lying fog dancefloor and I’d have fireworks shooting off the roof when we say our goodbyes to the couple at the end of the reception. You name it, the ideas are ready to go!

I love the Timber Yard and I encourage every doting bride or groom to be, to go and check out this breath-taking space.  and where I can I am always trying to recommend it to all my couples! The team do an incredible Job and I can’t thank them enough for their support and ability to support me, my ideas, and clients’ dreams. Thank you. 

We can’t wait to have Jen back and see another happy couple celebrate with what we know will be another incredible wedding.