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Who We Play With – Sarah, Bangin Hangins

September 5, 2022

When a client says we want ‘WOW’ we go to Bangin Hangins. Sarah has been able to transform our space into a colourful dream for many of our clients and we were able to get her thoughts on some of the amazing creations we have seen come to life. 

What do you love about working at The Timber Yard?

I’ve had the pleasure of doing installations at The Timber Yard for like 3 or 4 years now and the place is *chefs-kiss* wonderful! The industrial vibes, open space, light and exposed ceilings is a match made in heaven for us at Bangin Hangins. And while the space is a dream to work in, I think it’s actually the people that seal the deal for me – they’re fun, flexible, open to my ideas and very easy to work with. They seem very team oriented, no problem is too big to overcome. I love their approach. 

What’s the coolest event you’ve done at The Timber Yard?

We’ve done a lot of funky things down in Timber town from lavish corporate Christmas gigs to big conference type expos. More recently we have done a few weddings, one of them we did a big aerial setup outdoors which really brought movement and colour to the whole space. It really gave the whole wedding a festival vibe. Another was a Pre wedding Indian celebration. The colour palette was a dream! Admittedly, I think The Timber Yard tends to attract this clientele, or I get all their adventurous ones. Suits me either way 🙂 

What’s the most rewarding thing you’ve achieved at The Timber Yard?

I’d like to say it was an installation. That outdoor aerial was particularly good (if i don’t say so myself). But honestly, it’s been great to work consistently with quality people, not only from the Timber Yard, but also the other talent they bring in. The relationships I have made here have been great introductions to all sorts of other industry people and clientele. I feel very humbled to be in with this crew. 

If you could host an event at The Timber Yard, what would it be?

OK, it’s a large dress up party for all my nearest and dearest (Theme = Floridian retirement village). There is (of course) a sea of Bangin Hangins carpeting every surface of the venue. Everyone starts outdoors, there’s endless canapes and cocktails, fountains of pink champagne, naked sushi men, a Carmen-Miranda-inspired drag band playing bossa nova. As the sun sets we hear a loud primal scream from inside the main warehouse space. Everyone turns, scared, silent, expectant. Someone brave pops their head in to see what’s going on. It’s Beyoncé of course with the opening refrain from Drunk In Love which she follows up with a full Coachella-inspired set with a hundred-strong university high school band and the rest of Destiny’s Child! All over and in bed by 10pm.

We can’t wait to have Sarah back at The Timber Yard and share her dream for a Beyoncé concert in the warehouse and hope we make the invite list.